Silk & Lingerie Wash Fragrance-Free

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Le Blanc® Silk & Lingerie Fragrance-Free is free and clear of any added perfumes and dyes. This line is made to accommodate perfume sensitive customers and contain no added perfume or fragrance.

Silk & Lingerie Wash is an exceptional cleanser designed for all washable and colorfast delicate fabrics. Especially formulated to protect elasticity and preserve the original look and shape of personal garments and delicate fabrics. Le Blanc® Silk & Lingerie Wash may be used on all washable, colorfast and organic fabrics including: silk, cashmere, wool, alpaca, LYRCA®, spandex, all cottons, synthetics, and blends. Safely launder intimate apparel, fine clothing, silk bedding or table linens, swim wear, active wear, hosiery, and more.

Customer Reviews

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Marsha Rodriguez
Even my daughter noticed a difference

Silk and Lingerie Wash for fine washing works great. My daughter washed her ballet leotards and tights in it and even she noticed the difference. No residue build up, no shrinking and no odor left on my husband's running shirts.
Linen Wash works great and leaves our 100% cotton sheets and clothing from shrinking and crisp yet soft.
Laundry Wash for our other clothes is gentle yet still cleans well.
All of the detergents clean well and I feel our clothes hold up and last longer due to no harsh chemicals breaking down the fabrics.
The pump makes it quick and easy to dispense the liquid without having to pick up the container and no chance of overpouring.