Fragrance Line

Original: This exquisite Floral Fusion of jasmine and hyacinth is brought together with light notes of apple and kiwi. Sunlit herbs, citrus zest, and precious woods form a base for this charming and refreshing original fragrance medley.

Blue Violet: Inspired by African violets, Blue Violet is a beautiful bouquet of peony, jasmine, and violet gently wrapped around fruity notes of apple and mandarin. The woody back of patchouli & sandalwood creates a subtle crisp fragrance that is truly exceptional.

Evergreen Woods: Like a taking a brisk walk through a pine forest, invigorate your senses with fragrant notes of sandalwood, frost covered cedarwood, and fir needles. 

Fields of Green: An inspired classic laundry fragrance showcasing notes of lavender and bright citrus. Its exuberant base of fresh herbs, green woods, and a clean musk forms our exhilarating signature laundry-fresh scent. 

Green Meadows: Reminiscent of sunshine and gentle spring rain, Green Meadows opens with notes of sparkling citrus, violet leaf, and soft flowers while heady herbs float above a substantive woody base to create a clean, luxurious scent.   

Lavender: Our unique Lavender fragrance stems from deep wild lavender laced with rosemary, bergamot, and rose. Its aromatic base of eucalyptus and cedar gently blankets laundry with a lasting classic fragrance.   

Portfolio: Inspired by refined designer fragrances, Portfolio opens with a citrus top note balanced by a floral heart of violet and sandalwood. Warmed by notes of soft musk, crushed tonka bean, and a hint of vanilla, Portfolio is a one of a kind fragrance.

Summer Verbena: Known for its wonderfully mild citrus scent, this fragrance showcases the beautiful orange flower with a hint of jasmine and muguet. Fresh greens, geranium, and lavender are carefully balanced by amber and musk to make this scent as inviting as a bright, summer day. 

White Flowers: Our White Flowers fragrance has a rich heart blooming with delicate layers of white gardenias, lilies, rose petals, and sensual jasmine. Sparkling citrus, sweet orange, and bergamot add a whimsical touch to this full-bodied fragrance.      

Children's Scents: Children’s Linen Wash® has a light Lavender-Chamomile scent and our Children’s Laundry Wash has a soft Baby Powder scent. 

Fragrance-Free: We offer a line of Fragrance-Free products to accommodate perfume sensitive customers. These products contain no added perfume or fragrance. Once laundered, there is no residual fragrance!