Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use your product in hot water? Our product is as effective in hot water as it is cold water. However, for best care of your textiles, we recommend washing in room temperature or cold water. 

2. Can I use Linen Wash on everything? No, we do not recommend it. Linen Wash contains degreasing agents that are not suitable for all fabric types. Each of our products are made specially for different types of fabrics. 

3. If I were to only purchase one product which, would it be? Le Blanc Laundry Wash is most the universal, particularly for everyday clothing. 

4. How much detergent do I use? Two ounces for a full load of laundry, however, customers tend to use less in newer washing machines.

5. Should I dry clean my down comforter? Down Wash is a safe and proven alternative to dry cleaning chemicals.

6. Is Infusion a fabric softener? No, our Infusion is only a fragrance booster, and does not contain any softening agent. 

7. Do Dryer Sachets help eliminate static cling? While they do not eliminate static cling, they tend to help. 

8. Why can’t I use Linen Wash on my towels? Towel Wash is specially formulated without softeners or optical brighteners.

9. What is the difference between Linen Water and Linen Press? Linen Press is a lightweight starch and Linen Water is light spray to freshen household linens and apparel.

10. Can I use my luggage sachet in the dryer? Luggage sachets are designed differently and are not meant for use in the dryer.