About Le Blanc

Nearly 40 years ago, the owner of a luxury linen store approached her father-in-law, an accomplished chemist, about resolving an issue that had long plagued that industry: caring for fine linens. No cleanser existed that could effectively remove stains and discolorations, and the few products that were able to yield any results were harsh, and did more harm than good.

Through his efforts and expertise, he created Linen Wash, and it made a highly successful debut at Villa Rosa Distinctive Linens. Following this, the owner of Villa Rosa, Maruchi Azorin-Blanco, her husband, Rafael Blanco, and his father and mother, Rafa and Anita Blanco, built Le Blanc into a brand that represents the apex of care.

Today, we have expanded our line to encompass specialty cleansers for all textiles, from linens, to clothing, towels, silk, lace, down, and more, with featured products for use in every step of the laundry cycle. Our offerings include:

Linen Wash, Laundry Wash, Towelwash, Downwash, and Silk & Lingerie Wash – We proudly manufacture the highest quality detergents on the market, that go beyond simple cleaning, and work to preserve your textiles, so you can enjoy them for a long time. The average detergent can only remove stains by aggressively attacking them, causing damage to the fibers. Plus, they only work in hot water, which does more harm. All of our washes are gentle, but triple-concentrated, for that stain-removing power, and they work in cold water. You deserve to protect the things you love!

Dryer Sachets – These unique products help to imbue some extra fragrance that might otherwise flash off from the heat of the dryer, and beat out any stubborn wrinkles and static. They are not a substitute for dryer sheets, which leave flammable oils both in the dryer and on your laundered items.

Linen Press – Iron your linens and clothing and give them a wrinkle-free, crisp feel. Our product is starch-free, achieving the best results without attracting the bugs that target items ironed with corn and potato-based starch sprays.

Linen Water – Freshen up your home with this fragranced mister. Use it on all of your linens, clothing, towels, rugs, curtains, and any other fabrics. One spray will go a long way and bring a beautiful scent into any room.

Infusion – If you’re finding our detergent fragrances aren’t strong enough for your taste, give them an extra boost with this long-lasting enhancer. Our fragrance Infusion products will imbue a fresh scent that sticks to your laundered items, guaranteeing that they will continue to smell wonderful until they’re ready for the next wash.