Laundering Tips

For Best Results

  • Wash your new sheets in cold water before putting them on the bed. Expect 3% shrinkage.
  • Wash them with a gentle, non-bleaching soap. We recommend Le Blanc® Linen Wash®.
  • Dilute your detergent in the water before putting any fabric in the washer. Never apply any soap/detergent directly to fabrics while still dry.
  • Dry your sheets on air fluff, permanent press or the low temperature setting. High heat cooks the yarn causing the fabric to shrink and loose its natural softness. 
  • Remove sheets promptly from the washer and dryer, smooth them out, and fold to reduce wrinkling. 
  • Iron all your table and bed linens while they are still damp. If a piece is embroidered iron on the reverse side.
  • Give your washing machine and iron a vinegar bath monthly. 
  • Thoroughly wash your hands or face to remove any lotions, creams, make up or soaps with oxidizing agents. They will discolor the fabric.
 Things To Avoid
  • Do not use chlorine bleach, products with bluing agents or whiteners on any fine linen. 
  • Avoid harsh laundry soap like Le Fab, Tide, and yes-Woolite when laundering fine natural fabrics or linens. It may cause your sheets to pill or fade.
  • Do not pour any detergent directly on the fabric without wetting the fabric first. Always dilute any cleansers with water even when spot treating.
  • Take care not to overload the washer. It will prevent the breakage of long fibers like in Egyptian Cotton. 
  • Avoid the use of (polyester) fragranced dryer sheets in the dryer when drying your cotton sheets or towels. It will likely cause pilling. 
  • Do not use fabric softeners. It will prevent the yarns from absorbing moisture and shorten the life of your textile. 
  • Be careful of over-drying. It may cause pilling. Removing the linens from the dryer while slightly moist will reduce wrinkling. 
  • Limit exposition of table linens to sunlight for an extended period of time to avoid color fading.​

 Just so you know . . .

  • Home laundering is recommended for almost all household linens. Only dry clean when indicated on the label.
  • We encourage the use of white towels or pillow cases for those of you who use any oxidizing lotions and or acne products.
  • Linen softens and wrinkles less as it ages.
  • Washing in warm water, over-drying, and poor-quality dyes are common reasons for the loss of color in fabrics.
  • Fresh stains are the easiest to remove. Heat permanently sets stains, so make sure they are completely gone before placing in a dryer.